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Your support can have a profound effect upon the wellbeing of children and families by reducing the incidence of child abuse and neglect through advocating children’s rights, and positive parenting. By joining forces with American SPCC, you can make a difference!

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Design a T-shirt for American SPCC’s “Ratify!” Children’s Rights Awareness Campaign! Win a $200 Visa/MasterCard gift card! Plus, more… Click here for details.


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GI-SuggestionsSign the Petition to The President

Visit Causes to sign the petition to President Obama urging him to sent the ‘CRC’ to the Senate for the US to ratify (approve) the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Click Here to Sign the Petition to The President of the U.S. Today!
Sign the Petition to The President of the United States to ratify The Convention on the Rights of the Child


GI-CongressWrite to President Obama

Let your voice be heard. Write to President Obama urging him to submit the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) treaty to the Senate for ratification. Let him know that you support children’s rights in our country. Find out how, and get a sample letter.


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Let your voice be heard. Send a message to your Senators, asking them to take concrete action to promote children’s rights and welfare, and to protect children from abuse and neglect in our country. Find out how, and get a sample letter.


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Let your voice be heard. Send a message to Congress about what you want to see happen for child safety and child rights in our country. Find out how, and get a sample letter.


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One person can make a difference! As an individual, you can join American SPCC as a volunteer ambassador and spread the word, advocate for child rights, help fundraise, or select another field that interests you.
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If one person can make a difference, then a group can orchestrate great change. Is your social group, church group, or youth group looking for a worthwhile cause? Join American SPCC in being part of the solution and help make a difference.
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